Rarotonga - Your Lovable Little Paradise Island 

The beating heart of our little paradise will capture yours, here in the very heart of the South Pacific. 

Rarotonga, the hub of the Cook Islands, is small yet perfectly formed, offering visitors so much to see and do, yet remains friendly and unspoilt. No traffic lights, no parking meters, no Maccas and no building taller than a coconut tree.

Instead there's beautiful beaches, sheltered lagoons, wide open ocean beyond the reef and a high mountain interior clothed in cloud-forest. This diversity of natural environments, along with the huge range of tours, cafes & markets all around the island, offers visitors a plethora of opportunities for excursions and adventures. And all just minutes away, making the whole island your super-easy holiday playground with the perfect mix of chilled R&R peppered with memorable higher-energy highlights. 

Decisions, decisions, island-style...R&R on Raro 

The warmth of the tropical sun surrounds you, the scent of frangipani washes over you, the most pressing decision that you face: should you climb the summit of the island's majestic volcanic peak, The Needle, or explore the crystal clear turquoise lagoons and swim with turtles and tropical fishes? Either way you’ll love your holiday in this tropical paradise we call Rarotonga.

A warm welcome and very special holiday experience awaits you here with us on Raro. Once discovered, always in your heart.