The Cook Islands

The world-famous Lonely Planet travel guides have named the Cook Islands as the TOP country to visit for 2022! 

So if you haven't been yet, right now's the perfect time to make those island dreams come true. 

And if you have been, stop trying to keep it a secret all to yourself ... share the good news! 

Just 3.5 hours from New Zealand and 7 hours from Australia's east coast lie the pure tropical paradise islands known as the Cook Islands, just west of Tahiti. 

A volcanic archipelago of 15 islands sprawling 2 million square kilometres across the South Pacific, the Cook Islands are like a necklace of pearls across a shimmering sea, an enchanting tropical utopia.

You'll fly into the main island of Rarotonga. Here you can while away your holiday in this special place where pristine white sandy beaches kiss turquoise tropical waters. Discover pure relaxation as you unwind to the sounds of softly swaying palms and the gentle ebb and flow of the lagoon. 

Boasting sun-soaked golden sands, beautiful lagoons and technicolour tropical reef life, the Cook Islands is an unparalleled natural wonder. Beyond its unspoiled natural beauty, the Cook Islands also exceeds expectations with its range of superior accommodation along with an extensive array of exciting attractions, eateries & cultural sensations.

Spend your days exploring this unique Polynesian paradise. Whether your passion is in the water, on the water, trekking through the cloud-forest draped across The Needle, learning to dance the Cook Islands 'ura (hula) or sampling the Cook Islands national dish of ika mata (the freshest gamefish steeped in coconut cream), it's all here waiting for you in this very special slice of paradise. 

Explore the picturesque natural scenery and kaleidoscopic reefs, as you spend endless days soaking up tropical bliss. Whether you're seeking a relaxing island escape, an array of adventures (diving, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming with turtles, self-drive 4WD buggy tours & much more) or cultural discovery (or a bit of everything), the Cook Islands are the ideal holiday destination. Everything's within easy reach, complete with modern comforts and conveniences like Wi-Fi, air-con and ATM machines (but no traffic lights, parking meters or buildings taller than a coconut palm). 

And since the Cook Islands are Lonely Planet's TOP country to visit for 2022, here's what Lonely Planet has to say about our beautiful paradise islands:

Fifteen droplets of land cast across 2 million sq km of wild Pacific blue, the Cook Islands are simultaneously remote and accessible, modern and traditional.

With a strong cafe culture, a burgeoning organic and artisan food scene, and a handful of bar and clubs, Rarotonga lives confidently in the 21st century. But beyond the island’s tourist buzz and contemporary appearance is a robust culture, firmly anchored by traditional Polynesian values and steeped in oral history.

North of ‘Raro’, the sublime lagoon of Aitutaki is ringed with tiny deserted islands and is one of the Pacific’s most improbably scenic jewels. Venture further and robust Polynesian traditions emerge nearer the surface. Drink home brew at a traditional ‘Atiuan tumunu (bush-beer drinking club), explore the ancient makatea (raised coral cliffs) and taro fields of Mangaia, or swim in the underground cave pools of Mitiaro and Ma’uke. The remote Northern Group is a South Seas idyll experienced by a lucky few.