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Following is just a small sampling of the innovative and relaxing Spa therapies available at SpaPolynesia, The Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa's Oasis of Relaxation.

Maorooro Aromatherapy Massage (30 minutes)

Great for easing muscle tension in the scalp, neck and back using a harmonious East-West combination of Japanese shiatsu, Swedish and neuromuscular massage techniques. Choice of two special blends of essential oils: Iriamoe Relaxing Blend of Ylang-ylang (Moto'oi), Lime, Lavender and Jasmine; or Maoro Muscular Deep Treatment Blend of Cedarwood, Peppermint, Rosemary and Lemon.

Mirimiri Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (1 hour)

A sensational total-body experience of deep relaxation and wellbeing to release tension, promote suppleness and help re-harmonize body and soul. Choose from Iriamore Relaxing or Maoro Muscular aromatic blends to achieve the greatest therapeutic benefit for you.

'Akari' Coconut Sugar Body Scrub (45 minutes)

Bursting with fresh tropical sugarcane crystals to gently buff the skin using natural hydroxy. An invigorating body exfoliation leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Tama Coconut Scrub (45 minutes)

A tropical treat for your body! The scrub creates a gentle exfoliation removing surface dry skin cells, and the rich blend of Coconut leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

'U-Rango' Milk & honey Body Wrap (45 minutes)

A highly nourishing, gentle formulation to restore balance and harmony to dry, sensitive skins. Ideal to soothe and calm sunburnt skin or skin which has been exposed to the elements. The perfect skin food leaving you in love with the skin you are in.

Moana AquaMarine Sea Salt Rub (45 minutes)

A stunning combination of body peeling and intensive moisturizing all in one. The fine Sea Salt granules gently exfoliate the skin, removing surface flakes. The rich Avocado, Macadamia and Almond oils feed the skin leaving it velvety smooth. The Juniper, Peppermint, Rosemary and Lavender revitalize your body, spirit and soul. Truly a superb whole-body experience for the skin and the senses.

'Akaora' Sea Mineral Body Wrap (45 minutes)

Use the power of the sea to feel revived and restored. Sea Minerals have been renowned throughout the ages for their remarkable healing properties. This special Sea Mineral Body Wrap creates a deep cleansing and fimring effect to leave you feeling toned and refreshed.

SpaPolynesia ThalassoAlgae Body Wrap (45 minutes)

Sea Minerals and Seaweed are combined with Earth's finest Essential Plant and Flower Oils to achieve an exceptional Body Wrap which stimulates the skin's natural metabolism and detoxification processes, and helps to rebalance both body and mind. Here at SpaPolynesia we combine this with our Superb Contouring Oil to achieve maximum skin elasticity and circulation. A sensational multi-active elixir for the whole body.

'Ravarava Self Tan Application (45 minutes)

Give your body a warm tropical glow with an instant suntan. YOur choice of a 30 minute 'Akari' Coconut Sugar Body Rub or 'Tama' Coconut Creme Body Scrub to prepare the skin, followed by the even application of the jojoba based self tanning creme.

Rima Deluxe Manicure (45 minutes)

Get your hands looking their best. Includes your choice of Raw Sugar & Plant Oil Scrub or Herbal Oatmeal Hand Scrub, followed by a soothing massage of the hand's pressure points using softly-fragrant Essence of Viti Frangipani Hand & Body Lotion. French manicure or choice of colors.

Vaevae SpaPedicure (50 minutes)

The ultimate treat for your feet. Enjoy a FootSpa infused with essential oils of Peppermint and Eucalyptus, then a vigorous buff with our Sea Salt Rub to remove dead skin cells. A shiatsu massage then gently works the pressure points of the feet and lower legs to relax muscles and relieve tension. Finished with your choice of nail polish colour.

Pateka Deep Cleansing Facial (1 hour)

A thorough Cleansing and Purifying Mask, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. This vitamin-rich anti-oxidant Mask is suitable for normal, oily and combination skins.

'Purotu' Facial & Massage (45 minutes)

Deeply relax with a soothing face massage and Sea Mineral Mud Pack for the Face whilst deeply conditioning warm hair treatment is massaged through your hair & scalp. Face pack treatment includes cleanse, mask, and moisturise. An ideal complement to one of SpaPolynesia's invigorating Body Wraps.

Pa'i Hydrating Facial Treatment (1 hour)

A highly concentrated active-ingredient cocktail for the skin. An infusion of serums delivers outstanding moisturizing and conditioning properties for even the thirstiest of skins, algae derivatives help to regulate moisture loss caused by the sun's rays, and biopeptides activate new collagen formation, smoothing fine lines. Nourishing and restorative, leaving face and neck revitalized.

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