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Reef Fish Cafe

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Another great option for private group dining is The Rarotongan’s Reef Fish Café, set beside the Open Kitchen and Captain Andy's Beach Bar & Grill. 

At the Reef Fish Café a group of up to 35 can celebrate a relaxed event such as a children's birthday party, a more casual birthday dinner or a business luncheon. 

Lining the sides of the Reef Fish Café are handmade designer lights which pay homage to the jewel-coloured tropical fishes found in Aroa Lagoon Marine Reserve in front of The Rarotongan. The fishes depicted include the exotic Sunset Wrasse, Parrotfish, Picasso Triggerfish, Blue-lined Snapper, Squirrelfish, male Bird Wrasse, Bluefin Trevally and Peacock Grouper. Carved Humpback Whales (recalling those which migrate just past the Aroa Lagoon's coral reef) and a a carving of a pod of dolphins accentuate the authentic Cook Islands atmosphere for any relaxed gathering.

When not being used for private functions the Reef Fish Café provides a relaxed island-style setting with casual bar leaners for all guests to enjoy!